The Approach


The multi-faceted nature of responsibility involves a delicate interplay between business, society and self.  Change can happen at all levels, but mostly when we take an interconnected approach to these pillars:
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  • Business
  • Society
  • Self

How can we make purpose as important a driver as profit?

By demonstrating to corporations that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive.  By promoting individual values to create a bottom-up movement within companies.  By creating partnerships, coalitions and ultimately new business models that leverage the assets and capabilities of the public and private sectors and that can benefit all parties.

How can we celebrate the individual within the context of the collective?

By championing the catalytic role and importance of the individual within society. By taking collective responsibility for change. By celebrating the power of collective action in pursuit of the common good, and by creating leadership models to support this.

How do we drive change from the bottom up?

By creating a power shift from employer to employee. By promoting socially inspired intrapreneurship within corporations as a way to create meaningful change. By focusing on empowering millennials, individually and collectively to drive change from the perspective of their individual values.

‘Gib your contribution to Accenture and through Accenture Development Partnerships to the development sector and their impact has been transformational – and I don’t use the word lightly.’

Peter Lacy, Global Managing Director – Strategy – Sustainability Services – Accenture