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  • 05

    The Bullog – July 2019

    Greetings Bullogers! We live in a world where a small, elite and unrepresentative group of (mostly) white, wealthy men are making decisions that have huge social, environmental and economic...

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  • 04

    The Bullog – June 2019

    Greetings Bullogers! Have any of you been following the heated debate around UK actor Mark Rylance’s decision to quit the Royal Shakespeare Company in protest at their ongoing sponsorship...

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  • 03

    The Bullog – May 2019

    The Bullog – May 2019 Greetings Bullogers! Did you notice that five major banks were fined over 1 billion Euro by the European Commission after their traders clubbed together...

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  • 01

    The Bullog – March 2019

    Greetings Bullogers! “How much does a polar bear weigh?” Puzzled look. “Enough to break the ice…..nice to meet you.” This was one of my favourite but least successful chat...

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  • 06

    The Bullog – February 2019

    Greetings Bullogers! I don’t really have it in for Jeff Bezos although you could be forgiven for thinking that.  Admittedly I wasn’t very complimentary on his newly discovered altruistic...

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  • 04

    The Bullog – January 2019

    Greetings Bullogers! I’m writing this latest missive having just read not one but two obituaries in the Financial Times weekend edition.   The first one was very sad and quite...

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  • 06

    The Bullog – December 2018

    Hallelujah Bullogers! No, don’t worry. I’ve not had some kind of evangelical experience over the Christmas period.  But I think the FT may have had one given the article...

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  • 07

    The Bullog – November 2018

    Greetings Bullogers! The end of an era is probably an overused term, however I think it is appropriate in how I describe the resignation of Unilever’s CEO, Paul Polman last week. ...

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  • 16

    The Brexit Dichotomy – Illusion or Delusion?

    The Brexit Dichotomy – Illusion or Delusion? We cannot resolve the current impasse over Brexit without first reforming democracy itself, argues Gib Bulloch.     I first saw this...

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  • 29

    The Bullog – October 2018

    Greetings Bullogers! Hire and Fire! Up or Out! These terms have always been an important part of the corporate vernacular, particularly in the world of professional services.  The implicit...

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